International Conference on the
Effects of Light on Wellbeing





Yvonne de Kort, PhD, MSc 
Associate professor

Environmental Psychology
Eindhoven University of Technology 
Human Technology Interaction (HTI)
PO Box 513 
The Netherlands

E-mail Y.A.W.d.Kort@tue.nl


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Environmental psychology deals with interactions between humans and their physical and social environment. Traditionally, this domain has been at the crossroads of social and cognitive psychology on the one hand, and architecture and building technology on the other. Yet increasingly, we see other technologies augmenting physical spaces and sometimes even (temporarily) replacing them - assistive technology, communication technology, media, ambient intelligence, virtual reality - resulting in ever more complex and intriguing interactions. During the past 15 years, my research interests have undergone similar developments, and currently all my research efforts, although clearly still inspired by environmental psychology's perspective are in domains where people, spaces and technology meet.

As researcher in the Human-Technology Interaction Group, Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences, my work focuses on two domains.
The first comprises spaces, technology, and people's health. Topics include:

  • restorative effects of mediated environments, and
  • effects of lighting on people's health and wellbeing.

In this line of work I explore whether lighting and views of nature, be they natural or artificial, can improve
people's mood, restore their attention, and positively influence their wellbeing and performance.

A second domain of work lives at the intersection of spaces, technology, and social interaction. Examples are:

  • situated social interaction in and around digital games, and
  • locatedness in mediated social interaction.

By exploring situated social interaction and augmenting mediated interaction with selected cues, my aim is to contribute to our understanding of how physical spaces and communication media influence, shape and enhance social interaction.

My research work has also covered topics such as, the persuasive and motivational potential of technology, people's experience of virtual environments, housing needs for the elderly and psycho-geriatric patients, healing environments, and children's day-care centres. To get a more detailed picture of my research work and interests, please see research and publications. More details about my teaching activities you will find at education and student projects.